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New Tech!

Augmented Reality


We've been 3D modelling for years. Whether it's to help clients to visualise a product, an event space, furniture, or a vehicle, we're getting pretty good at it (even if we do say so ourselves).

But we're not complacent. We love being good at something, but we're always looking to evolve and push our skillsets and test our limits.

That's why we've introduced Augmented Reality as part of our 3D service, and we're very excited about what can be achieved.

Why just look at a model of your event space on your screen or a print out? Why not take our 3D model to the actual venue and see how your designs look in the space, live, in real time, on your mobile device?

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well that's because it is! Have a look at some examples of the AR projects we've created and how dynamic and engaging they are. How could you use them for your business? Or for your customers? Give us a shout to share your thoughts, or to ask us how we think we could use AR to help your business. 

It's simple. Consumers want to learn about your product, and you want to show it to them. Augmented Reality bridges that gap. Thanks to our in-house team of coders and developers, as well as our 3D designers, your clients and customers can do more than just see a pretty visual on their screen, they can now see it on their desk, in their driveway,  even on themselves!

Try it for yourself, Scan the QR codes below

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