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Honda Jazz Livestream 


Now more than ever, the ability to stream your content directly to social media is a great way to engage with your audience. VIP events, product launches, conferences... we have eveything your business needs to reach people all around the world.

We have two tiers of live stream tech depending on your budget and requirements. We can keep it quick and simple using iPads, we can shoot in 4K on our cinecams, we can set up a stream with a single presenter or multiple presenters. Whichever technology we use, we can play in pre-recorded videos, graphics, and use multiple camera angles so we can switch focus from presenter to product or from speaker to audience. We can even set up a green screen behind a presenter or product and switch out the background while streaming live! And the size of our kit means we can set up almost anywhere as long as there is internet and a plug socket!

For a truly bespoke experience, we can bypass social media and stream directly to your own website.

This year alone we have broadcast over 30 live streams for Honda UK. The first set of streams were VIP launch events for the new Honda Jazz. Due to restrictions at the time of the launch, Honda UK hosted their event digitally - sending out invites containing a pre-scheduled YouTube link to select customers.

Over the course of the stream, we racked up 4.5K views on YouTube from Honda Jazz fans. Not only were the audience able to see the launch of Jazz, but they were able to engage with the presenter by sending in questions in the comments section and by email. A truly interactive experience!

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