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Nicholas Mee & Co

"Since 2017, C3 have provided us with video services and marketing support to assist with promotion of our company, its products and its services.


Over the last 5 years, with changing consumer habits and the advancement of technology, our marketing strategy has evolved with an increasing focus on online marketing.


We offer for sale, some of the rarest, valuable and most desirable Aston Martins. Annually, we sell approximately 80 cars and on average, 20% are eventually exported to clients across the globe. With many of our transactions, it is not possible for our clients to physically visit our premises, before committing to the purchase of a vehicle, which can range in value between £35,000 and £3million. It is therefore essential that our online marketing provides visitors to our web-site with plentiful information and to ensure that our products are advertised to their full potential in order to create the desire and intention to purchase.


In particular, the introduction of professional videos, as shot and edited by C3, has allowed us to sell numerous vehicles to clients in as far flung destinations as the USA and Asia. Together with C3, we have continually improved the presentation and editing of these videos which has allowed us to create a substantial following on social media, including YouTube and Instagram. Our video’s now often being recognised as the reference point for information on many of the most iconic and important models in Aston Martin’s history.


C3 have introduced a number of innovative developments in the production and editing of the video’s provided, utilising the latest technology and design trends in order for us to stay ahead of our competition "

- Nicholas Mee & Co

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