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Huawei 5G Launch

When the summer season hits, we hit back!


Not only did we create graphic elements such as signage and 3D renders for Pub in the Park 2019, but we also filmed 8 of the 10 Pub in the Park festivals across the Uk from Bath all the way up to Warwick.

This included promotional clips for social media, interviews with chefs and performers, live acts on stage and, later in the year, graphic elements to promote the festival for the 2020 season. Our camera ops are also professional video editors allowing for many of the videos to be released the morning after they were filmed. Some were even put onto social media on the very same day!

We were asked to help plan and design the 5G launch event for Huawei. This included creating a 3D model of the venue with different design concepts and layouts for the organisers to choose from.


Having chosen the final concept, Huawei were able to plan the logistics and aesthetics of the event. Based on their ideas, we then the designed graphics for the event itself including welcome signs, information about 5G and Huawei, photo opportunity walls, and on screen animations, as well as the presentation slides for the speech.

All content was then added into the 3D model to help the client to visualise what they could expect, and adjust any designs accordingly.

On the day of the event, our video team captured an evening's worth of footage featuring guests trying out new technologies, listening to talk from expert speakers, and having a bloody lovely time at the champagne bar. This footage was turned into a highlight reel of the event for Huawei to share what a rip-roaring success the whole evening had been.

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